CAS Configurator Merlin
Use Cases

How do our customers use our configurator? 

The following use cases show typical applications of CAS Configurator Merlin in daily business processes. 

Quick and reliable price indication

"Customers frequently  ask us to indicate a price for their requirements. Crunching the numbers for each individual request is a time-consuming task for our sales employees. This indication has to be accurate, as future business depends on it."

  • Choose product characteristics in CAS Configurator Merlin
  • Calculations of price and rabates according to underlying data
  • Offers and other documents in corporate design

Generate customer-specific offers

„Our complex products with many variants pose a challenge to our sales employees – they have to get in touch with our specialists multiple times during the bidding process to ensure technical feasibility. We could better use this time to acquire new customers and develop even better products.“

  • Product structure and knowledge stored in the configurator
  • Include options and accessories with a few clicks
  • Adopt change requirements and customer wishes and directly create a new offer

Continuous data flow

"Our sales team uses CRM, the production team relies on ERP. The correct transfer of order data is a bottleneck. How can we optimize the data stream and ensure the correct transfer between systems?"

  • Data trasfer from CRM-Systems
  • Data transfer to ERP-Systems